Residential Moving Services

Tiny apartment or small studio, small house or large, the size does not matter, we treat all home moves with care and respect, what matters is our customer’s satisfaction.

Our trained packers/ movers will prepare and pack everything from china or delicate artwork to bulky and heavy items. For an extra cost Wrapping materials and special containers are available for any moving occasion, as well as crating for specified items. Experienced OnCall-Ottawa Movers will take care of your possessions and your property while loading and unloading, specially designed, fully equipped moving trucks to provide more safety and security to your belongings.

Home Shifting

OnCallMovers-Ottawa can make your home shifting extremely easy. We have the experience, tools, and technology to make it quick, safe, and secure. Give us a call and we will manage everything from home packing, loading, and unloading. We can also arrange storage if you want.

1-2 Bedroom Apartment

2 Movers + 17' Truck
$ 119 Hourly
  • Professional Service
  • Exceptional Care
  • Fast & Efficient

2-3 Bedroom Apartment

2 Movers + 20' Truck
$ 129 Hourly
  • Professional Service
  • Exceptional Care
  • Fast & Efficient

3-4 Bedroom Apartment

3 Movers + 24' Truck
$ 159 Hourly
  • Professional Service
  • Exceptional Care
  • Fast & Efficient

The hourly rate for the moving crew is based on the number of movers and trucks required. Our moving company always assigns the optimal number of movers to every job in order to minimize cost and maximize productivity. For local moves that originate in Ottawa, we charge a flat travel time of 60 minutes, plus the number of hours upon unloading and completion of the move. If there is more than one origin or destination, the time starts when movers leave the office of OnCall-Ottawa movers and complete unloading at final destination.

** Moving prices quoted above are subject to applicable H.S.T. Rates may increase during peak periods including weekends, month-end, and Fridays before long weekends.

Extra Information 


General Time Estimates

The following list represents the estimated time required for standard moves. The estimated times provided in this list are for reference purposes only. An actual move may take more or less time depending on several factors such as access to building, parking, flights of stairs etc. For the convenience of our clients this list has been compiled using years of moving experience by OnCall-Ottawa Movers.

These time estimates do not include flat travel time of one hour.

Type of Home                                      Type of move                 Number of hours
Studio or 1 Bedroom Apt                   load/unload                    3-5 hours
2 Bedroom apt (1st floor)                  load/unload                    4-6 hours      
2 Bedroom apt (2nd floor)                 load/unload                    5-7 hours
3 Bedroom apt (1st floor)                  load/unload                    6-8 hours
3 Bedroom apt (2nd floor)                 load/unload                    6-9 hours

2-3 Bedroom house                            load/unload                    6-10 hours
3-4 Bedroom house                            load/unload                    7-12 hours

Travel Time 

 A flat travel time of one hour is charged for all local moves within Ottawa. If pickup location is located 50 kms or more from city hall additional travel time will apply. 

Binding Estimates

With a Written Binding Estimate for your move, the price we quote is the price you pay! A Written Binding Estimate is the correct legal term for a “flat” price, as opposed to an hourly estimate. An on-site moving estimate is required in order for OnCall-Ottawa Movers to provide a Written Binding Estimate (it is illegal to give binding moving estimates over the phone) and is based on the agreed upon inventory of goods to be moved and services to be provided. As we have an opportunity to physically evaluate the goods, we are able to offer a flat price. If inventory of items changes or increases during the move, OnCall-Ottawa Movers will recalculate and provide a revised estimate. A flat rate is usually 10 to 20 percent higher than an hourly rate.


OnCall-Ottawa Movers provides long distance moving from Greater Ottawa to Montreal, Kingston and Toronto.
Please click here to review our long distance services move or call for a free estimate for your long distance move we will provide you with all-inclusive flat rate .


OnCall-Ottawa Movers charges a flat rate of $60 for the any walk ups town house no additional charges per flight of stairs. This $60 charge per walk ups location is in addition to the regular hourly rate. 


The services of packing and unpacking during the move are performed at the regular moving rates. You are only charged the straight hourly rate for all labor services, there is no surcharge while OnCall-Ottawa Movers moving crew is packing and/or unpacking. Hourly rate does not include packing materials.

Basic Disassembly/Reassembly

The services of basic disassembly of items such as basic bed frames (with no drovers) dining tables are performed at the same hourly rate as the move. Movers will not disassemble any item that include electrical connection such treadmills, fridge doors with electrical connections, hospital beds, exercise equipment or any other equipment that includes wiring. You are only charged the straight hourly rate for all labor services, there is no surcharge for disassembling basic items. 

Advanced Disassembly/Reassembly 

Disassembly and reassembly of items such as sofas, built-ins, armoires and some wall units are completed by a furniture specialist. There is an extra charge for these services (please speak to your project manager should you require such services as OnCall-Ottawa Movers representative may need to view the items prior to the move to estimate the cost and work required).