Long Distance Moving Services


OnCall-Ottawa Movers provides long distance moving and storage services from Ottawa to Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area, Montreal and the cities in between such as Kingston and Cornwall. We also provide consolidated moving services from Greater Toronto Area to Greater Ottawa Area.  

Long distance moving prices


The cost of your long-distance move is dependent on the number of hours required to load and unload your belongings and the distance from origin to destination. It is very important to inform OnCall-Ottawa Movers of every room and storage area so they can accurately determine the time required to load and unload your belongings. If you would like to get an accurate estimate for your upcoming long-distance move, be sure to provide a detailed inventory of all goods required to be moved.

Move from Ottawa to Toronto

Estimated Charges: A one bedroom move from Ottawa to Toronto would usually require a two-man crew. A two-man crew will cost $95/hour to move your home. If the movers are able to finish loading in 3 hours. Depending on the schedule your crew will either drive from Ottawa to Toronto the same day or the following day. Similarly, if they are able to finish unloading your belongings in your new home in 1.5 hours. The total time for your actual move is 4.5 hours plus travel time. For this example, we assume that the distance from your home in Ottawa to Toronto is 427 km, travel charges are $2.69 per km. Therefore, the total charges for your move are $1,781.26 ie. 4.5 hours x $95 = $427.50 (Loading & Unloading) + $1,148.63 (Travel Charges Per Kilometer) + $204.89 (HST of 13%).

** Please be advised above estimated charges is just an example, your actual move charges might be different.

Consolidated Moving Services:

On the other hand, consolidated moving services are more cost effective, especially if you do not have a lot of items. With consolidated moves you are able to share the most expensive part of the move, that is the travel charges, with one or more customers. 

Consolidated moving services are great if you want to save money but if you have a certain schedule this option may not be viable for you.